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What do you find here? Some various things I find interesting; some of those I participate actively in. Some things are in danish only. Learn to live with it or learn danish. Period. ;o)

Master thesis

I finished my master thesis titled "Femtosecond photo dissociation of diiodo ethene" on the august 26th 2009. It is in danish (but has an english abstract). You can read it here (pdf).

Norwegian dictionaries

University of Oslo has nice dictionaries for norwegian languages. I made a search plugin for Firefox, which you can install from here.


If you came here for games, you should take a look at NykDOOM. It is based on the well-known game, DOOM and runs under DOS (you need DOOM to play NykDOOM). It runs with lxdoom under Linux too. Make sure to specify the .deh and the .wad file on the command line. You need either DOOM or DOOM 2 to run NykDOOM; make sure to download the right version of NykDOOM.

I made NykDOOM-packages for Debian GNU/Linux. Just install the package nykdoom from below. In addition, you will need nykdoom-doom1 or nykdoom-doom2 depending on whether you have DOOM1 or DOOM2 installed. Also you need doom.wad or doom2.wad from the registered version in the doom directory, /usr/share/games/doom.


If you like smurfs (and possibly roleplaying games), you should visit SUG's web page The page - although available in danish only - tells you about the roleplaying game SmurfQuest and the danish 'Smurfs Unlimited' club.


The most fun beer game in the world. Invented in Lolland (an island in the southeastern Denmark) 17th august 2000, this game includes frisbees, beer, plastic- and glass-bottles - and lots of fun.

Or game - actually it is rather a sport. It became a professional sport saturday the 17th of juli 2004, where videotapes in slowmotion had to be used for judgments in a part of the game.

This is a sport for gentlemen. Never ever run, always remember to use correct titles - and naturally any problem arising in the game is judged by the players acting as the gentlemen they naturally are.

www.beertimate.dk is the website for the Danish Beertimate Association. The pages are - unfortunately not available in other languages than danish but there is an english version of the ruleset.

Roskilde Festival

If you are one of the few chosen to be part of Ørestadslejren you might want to look here.


My name - as stated above - is Rasmus Bøg Hansen. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark (actually Valby to be a little more precise): Here. If you have comments or questions, you could ask me:

Email: moffe@zz9.dk (my OpenPGP key)
Jabber: moffe@zz9.dk
MSN Messenger: moffe@zz9.dk
IRC: M0ffe at freenode, Undernet and Slashnet.

By traditional snail mail, you'd be able to reach me:

Nedre Strandgate 7, 203
6004 Ålesund
Phone: +45 46 93 33 16
Cell: +45 23 20 29 25 / +47 40 45 06 91

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